With Your Hands In The Dough: Meet The Kitchens Of The Highest Trend With COECO

Fashion is not only found on the catwalks of major European capitals or in the latest technologies. Trends are increasingly present in all areas of our daily lives and are part of our lifestyle. Similarly, our homes are an accurate reflection of our personality, and the kitchen is usually the heart of the house, the nerve center where we met and spent hours cooking, chatting and sharing pleasant moments with family and guests.

New Trends

Group COECO kitchen store, both kitchen and bath renewed specialist with over 50 years’ experience, reveals five types of cuisine to take into account if we want to rehabilitate or reform this space. Technology, functionality, and professionalization gain prominence.

Modern white kitchens: Timeless. They bring luminosity, spaciousness and a sense of freshness. Ideal to combine with materials such as aluminum, granite or wood. Kitchens open to the living room They allow gaining space and luminosity. Appliances take center stage in these kitchens where everything is perfectly integrated and insight.

With island: Ideal for kitchen lovers who want to have everything within reach in a second. They are versatile, very functional and professionalize this place in the house. The island will become the gravitational axis of the resistance.

Wood, great material: Provides perfect naturalness in vanguard, rustic or classical styles. It can be the primary element or a compliment.

Minimalist concept: “Less is always more” is his mantra. For lovers of straight and refined lines, order and style. Functional and harmonic kitchens.

Quality And Design

All these tendencies are present in Grupo COECO, specialists in kitchen furniture for more than 50 years. Always at the forefront, they are the national benchmark for design and quality. Thanks to its production capacity create unique kitchens designed for each customer without intermediaries.

They are kitchens of exceptional designs manufactured entirely in Spain with German technology. A safe bet with 30 years of guarantee that treasures a valuable experience and excellent results. The COECO Group works so that each kitchen reflects the personality and character of each person and for this purpose; he exhibits all the trends and novelties in kitchens in his shop in Madrid in its more than 2,000m2.